Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life

Hiro's new book will arrive this summer 2020!

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    Deep Questions

    Who am I? What's the purpose of life?

    Why am I going through challenges?

    What am I supposed to do in life?

    How can I be really happy?

    The acknowledged expert in business of emotions, Hiroyuki 'Hiro' Miyazaki provides a Game of Life Theory to answer these questions, along with practical tips and knowledge on how you can get the most out of your life. The purpose of Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life is to help you experience happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your heart. In the process, you will discover your Phoenix—your life-changing transformations and renewed identity that successfully guide you through life.

    The Phoenix

    Your Phoenix is your authentic higher self who knows why you were born into this lifetime, what you really want, and where you are heading. As the process of discovering your authenticity involves letting go of the old and rebirthing into a new life, “Phoenix” works very well as a metaphor to convey the transformational process and the magnitude of its importance for one’s life. Your Phoenix contains your most deeply held beliefs, your values, and the principles you live by. When your Phoenix reveals itself, it fuels you with a deep sense of purpose that burns so brightly with the fire of your passion.

    Game of Life Theory

    The Game of Life theory explains that you were born into this life for a purpose, and before this life, you preplanned important events and meetings so you can grow and fulfill the purpose. You entered this life without conscious awareness of such blueprints and depend on your free will to go about your life’s path. Does this theory portray the truth about our lives? Hiro invites you to answer this question only after reading this book.